Manual J Design Studio

by Tradewinds Appropriate Technologies, LLC

We believe that your house should feel as good as it looks!

New Home

Are you building a new house and want it to be comfortable? Read our article on why you need to have a load calculation done on your house.

Once you understand why HVAC design is important, let us do the hard work!


Are you a heating or air conditioning contractor looking for design assistance for an energy efficient home?

Are you a heating or air conditioning contractor wanting training to advance your skills in order to design for comfort and efficiency?

Are you a builder wanting to design a home for comfort and efficiency?


Are you a home owner that has problems with your HVAC?
If your house is:
• Too Hot •
• Too Cold •
• Making you sick •
• Too humid •
We can help you out

What We Do...
...everything from designs for Manual J, D & S and Inspections, to Performance Testing and Training

Custom load calculations conducted by an experienced third party like Tradewinds’ Manual J Design Studio will equip you with a design that will provide a comfortable, energy efficient living experience.

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