A Little History

We began performing computer-based load calculations over 25 years ago. Our senior designer and training instructor, Paul Wieboldt, has written and taught more than 12 different HVAC continuing education courses to licensed HVAC contractors. These courses focus on the basics of system design, duct design, mechanical ventilation and dehumidification with special emphasis on the proper design of HVAC systems for foam homes. In fact, Tradewinds initiated the dialog and worked directly with the engineers at Elite and ACCA to incorporate foam insulation into the design calculations and add spray foam walls and roofs to the list of building materials. Tradewinds also helped introduce the calculation for ventilation based on infiltration rates. Tradewinds is considered by other industry professionals as a Manual J “power user”. Some of our staff members are among the top HVAC system designers in the country.

Experience in the Spray Foam Industry

In 2005, Tradewinds bought and refurbished a spray foam machine. We attended manufacturer training, sprayed a few homes and learned the process, specifically focusing on what it takes to do a first quality job. As the number of spray foam contractors significantly increased in our service area, we found we could better serve our customers by focusing on system design and performance testing of building envelopes, insulation and HVAC systems. The insight we gained from this experience was invaluable. We are now able to design HVAC systems for foamed homes based on real life experience.
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