Paul Wieboldt Author and Senior Instructor

Paul Wieboldt
  • Owner Manual J Design Studio
  • Manual J, S and D design and training services.
  • Owner Tradewinds Appropriate Technologies, LLC
  • HVAC performance testing and troubleshooting
  • Third Party Verification and Consultation
  • Licensed HVAC contractor, Texas
  • Certifications NCI, NBI, BPI, IGSHPA and NATE
  • IGSHPA Trainer
  • Author and trainer for TACCA sponsored continuing education courses
  • National Comfort Institute Instructor
  • Approved Elite Software Instructor for Manual J, S and D 
  • Member of ASHRAE

Over the last 26 years, Paul has performed thousands of software-based Manual J, S and D calculations.

He has been instrumental in helping many contractors and technicians learn the basics of Manual J heat loads, equipment selection, duct design and system performance diagnostics.

He has developed over a dozen practical courses and manuals on how to implement ACCA Manuals J, S, D, T and P. His subject matter expertise is in HVAC load calculation, equipment selection, duct design, ventilation and dehumidification, Geothermal Design and Testing and Balancing.


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